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Career Decisions – Increase Your Confidence as You Navigate Your Path

January 07, 2017

Navigating your career path with confidence can allow you to focus on the core decisions at hand, not doubts or the doubts of others. As a professional, you need to portray a level of confidence and self-assurance that comes from truly understanding who you are, and where you want to go. ProValues provides you a framework to gain that confidence in what you value most out of future opportunities.

We all face a multitude of questions related to our careers:

  • Is there a way to be sure I’m being true to my own career values?

  • Is now the time to consider a new opportunity? Should those opportunities be internal or external to my current employer?

  • If I have an offer, should I accept, negotiate, or wait for something else?

  • Would I be happier starting my own business? If so, when is the right time?

Regardless of what kind career decision you are making, the stakes are high, and almost everyone you know has an opinion about your choices. Using a traditional pros and cons list decision-making methodology can become a challenge, as it allows others’ preferences to become part of your decision-making process.  Our clients often mention that when writing their pros and cons, they often end up writing others’ opinions as it is “easy” and fills the space.

Instead, we believe your career path should be just that, your path. ProValues takes your own unique histories and backgrounds, and helps users evaluate how current and future roles will satisfy their career values. Those insights will help you identify if you need a change in direction, and if so, save you time and energy identifying the best path for you sooner.

At ProValues, we do recognize that sometimes tradeoffs exist.  You cannot mitigate the impact they have in your choices and they must be addressed in your decision-making process.

Your career values can change over time, as can the minimum requirements you have in evaluating options, but ProValues is designed to adapt to your changing professional experiences and priorities. In doing so, it can provide you the confidence to pursue what will truly make you happy in the long-run.