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ProValues™, created by the Sparrey Consulting Group, is a program designed to help you to make the most of your current and future career. At ProValues, we believe that your career fulfilment and satisfaction are driven from identifying your values and applying them throughout a job search and in your approach to work day-to-day.

From the product's inception in 2012 as an online application exclusively accessible to the Sparrey Consulting Group client base, it was clear that this tool could reach and benefit individuals beyond the elite group of young business professionals in our client base. With the support and commitment of our Advisory Board, the ProValues team set to work rebuilding and expanding the platform to individuals, schools and companies, launching the stand-alone application in 2016.

Our team’s background in coaching, operations, executive recruiting and customized data analytics drives us to providing an easily accessible tool, with the flexibility required for all our clients' career paths.

At ProValues, we believe that your career fulfilment and satisfaction are driven from your values.

Andrea Sparrey

Founder & CEO

Andrea believes in helping young leaders to manage their careers and created ProValues to help people to assess opportunities and to learn more about specific paths. Prior to her work with ProValues and The Sparrey Consulting Group, Andrea worked with top young leaders at Bain & Company. She loved her MBA experience at Chicago Booth and explored many career paths at the University of Waterloo. In her spare time, Andrea can be found drawing chalk lines on ball fields – she coaches softball (and t-ball).

Esther Lin

Head of Operations

At ProValues, Esther ensures that both the clients and ProValues team have the smoothest experience possible. Prior to ProValues and The Sparrey Consulting Group, she mentored young college students on the executive board of the Future Business Leaders of America at the University of California-San Diego, where she went for her undergraduate experience. You can always catch her trying a new recipe from Pinterest or recording the antics of her curious calico cat.

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