ProValues™, created by the Sparrey Consulting Group, is an assessment designed to help users make the most of their current and future career. At ProValues, we believe that career fulfilment and satisfaction are driven from identifying values and applying them throughout a job search and in day-to-day work. 

We have designed ProValues to be used as a framework for teams and individuals. In addition to giving individual teammates their in-depth results, the ProValues team provides detailed analysis on a team's cumulative values.

The tool is particularly helpful for groups/teams looking to do the following: 

  • Discover trends among the groups’ most important values, and how to use insights to improve retention while minimizing cost 
  • Identify gaps between what group members want and what jobs have been delivering
  • Uncover and discuss common "deal breakers" within group when making career decisions, and ways to avoid triggering deal breakers to improve retention while minimizing cost
  • Create a forum for open discussion on how best to meet group's needs

The ProValues team is currently running sessions to facilitate conversation with groups about their results. See what other teams are saying about ProValues on our homepage or request more information below.

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