10 reasons to assess your ProValues


Here are 10 reasons why you should analyze your ProValues™ today—ProValues will allow you to:


  • Make great career choices early, as ProValues provides long-term positive career ramifications. Being on the right trajectory can add to earnings every year thereafter, as per Fast Company.
  • Challenge yourself to be accountable for your personal and professional values.
  • Find fulfillment and engagement in your new role, or even in your existing role. (Note that a recent Gallup  poll indicates 49.5% of employees are "not engaged," with 16.5% being "actively disengaged".)
  • Receive customized questions to make informational interviewing (and actual interviewing) easier.
  • Leverage brainstorming techniques to uncover roles, organizations or industries that will focus your goals.
  • Get advice on evaluating offers regarding how they pertain to your values and requirements.
  • Prepare for your new role: you will benchmark your projections for satisfaction along each of your career values, and drive to find fulfilment.
  • Ensure your limited resources remain focused on roles that are most aligned to your values. (After all, Jobvite says that 37% of employees have searched for jobs while at their current job—meaning significant strain on time and energy.)
  • Be inspired to challenge your perceived satisfaction and determine what values actually motivate you. While Indeed has found the highest-ranking factors in job satisfaction worldwide are work/life balance, management and culture, those are vague categories, meaning different things to different people—ProValues will help you dig into the details of what really matters to you in a workplace.
  • Most importantly, be inspired: Horizons Workforce Consulting found that employees who work for "dream companies" are more inspired (70% vs 34%), more productive (65% vs 35%) and more likely to see work as a positive part of their life (86% vs 45%).

Ready? Get started with the exercise.