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How ProValues Works

Ever wonder what drives you to succeed? Is it a few factors, or many? Tangible, or intangible?

If you’re looking for a resource to assist you as you navigate your career, ProValues is for you, serving as a guide as you face career decision points. Identify the values that lead to your future career satisfaction.

In six steps, ProValues will walk you through the input of your past and future roles, the selection and prioritization of your motivators (values), and the identification of the minimum requirements you will use in future role consideration. Next, you will be asked to rank the success of your past roles in fulfilling your values. Finally, ProValues will ask you to project how well potential future roles may meet your baseline requirements and the degree of anticipated value satisfaction.

The exercise will generate a customized report of what motivates you (“values”), and how the future roles you are considering rank against each other based on those values. Your ProValues report will guide you in future job searches, include tips to improve current career satisfaction and provide tailored questions pertaining to your values to help you during interviews or career networking discussions.

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Review your customized report, evaluating past and future roles. Your personalized report will provide you networking guidance to use when evaluating roles and suggest ways to improve your current in-role satisfaction.


Evaluate as many career options as you would like. Update your values over time to reflect your changing priorities and situations. Include true deal breakers to save yourself time in the job search process.


Access ProValues as many times as you’d like over the course of your career. Employ the exercise any time you face career questions. Considering a change? Trying to figure out how to improve satisfaction? Revisit the exercise any time to identify ways to move ahead.

I am considering 3 jobs and your tool was VERY helpful and more fun and interesting than doing a pro-con list and the results are right-on and will influence my decisions going forward.

ProValues User

I loved the exercise and the structure. It really helped me to think through and highlight what I care about.

ProValues User

I first used ProValues when selecting my post-MBA job. It helped me to clarify my choice and offered specific ways to make the most out of my role. I found it even more valuable a year later to return to the exercise and identify what's changed about my priorities. I'd recommend ProValues to anyone looking to make choices in their career.

ProValues User

I first used ProValues 2 years ago when I was deciding whether or not to take a job offer. I was so excited about the job, but it was a non-traditional choice and I was worried about what others would think if I took it. ProValues equipped me to see that the job was much more in line with my values. I am proud to say that I took the job, have absolutely loved it, and have a much clearer sense of my career direction now!

ProValues User