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ProValues™ is an exercise designed to help you to make the most of your current and future career. At ProValues™, we believe that your career fulfillment and satisfaction are driven from identifying your values and applying them throughout a job search and in your approach to work day-to-day.

The ProValues™ exercise provides a framework to help you evaluate choices in your career. After identifying your criteria and assessing how your jobs-to-date have fulfilled them, the tool helps anticipate your satisfaction in future roles. Our goal is to spark reflection and conversations regarding the values that future jobs may fulfill, understanding that this can be challenging to gauge based on mere job descriptions.

Unlike other job evaluation tools, this exercise challenges you to evaluate your choices over time, acknowledging changes in your roles and preferences. While it requires time to complete and maintain this exercise, we have found this investment will save you time in future job searches, and ultimately help you identify roles which maximize your satisfaction.

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